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Book of Shadows
A  genuine ‘Book of Shadows’ used by practitioners of the occult and witchcraft. It is surrounded by deer skin and symbols that have been burned in via gun powder; according to Dr. Barbara DuBois and Dr. David Carrington of Norwich University c.1996. The flesh was sown with common catgut during the 19th century (c. 1800-15). Dates and various occult symbols have been etched inside with ‘bird’s blood.’ The woman who owned it was named “Bethany.”
The book itself is worth over $10,000 due to content and savvy to collectors. It remains in Vermont in a private museum. (Not for sale)



Get the fuck out

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iacknowledgebuttholesexist:Did you know that in certain European countries it is illegal to display any sort of Nazi symbol? What the fascist white supremacist neo-Nazi scum of Germany, France, etc. have been doing is displaying the Confederate flag instead, because there is no ban on it.So the next time someone tries to tell you that the flag of the Confederacy has nothing to do with racism, remember that actual Nazis are using it as their preferred symbol, and please remind them that they are actually pieces of literal shit.


When you and you’re friend are trying to do something cool to impress someone and they fuck up


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